• Hatchery Essentials Masterclass 6 Aug 2022
  • Hatchery Essentials Masterclass 3 Sep, 8 Oct, 5 Nov 2022

Hatchery Essentials MasterClass


Hatchery Essentials Master Class - Learn the art of running a successful world-class hatchery

Dates :  24 Feb,  23 Mar, 20 Apr, 25 May 2024 

Time :  9.00am to 15.00pm

Venue : 109 Cayman Road, Eikenhof, Gauteng, 1872. 

Accommodation nearby : Lido Hotel / 081 457 6275 /

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Hatchery Essentials Master Class -Learn the art of running a successful world-class hatchery

Topics to be covered

  • How to choose an incubator/hatcher
  • Incubation principles
  • Sterilizing the incubator,
  • Sourcing and handling of fertile eggs,
  • Candling,
  • Hatching problems and analysis,
  • Programming the incubator temp, humidity, turning and alarms,
  • Calibration of incubator,
  • Maintenance of incubators.
  • Practical lessons and many more important topics
  • Marketing and sale of day old chicks
  • Vaccination of day old chicks
  • Open Q&A session